SWITLIK Parachute Company was established in 1920. The Switlik Parachute Co. has been owned and operated by the Switlik family for four generations and is known worldwide as a manufacturer of the highest quality sewn and heat sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military/government markets.

The products marketed by AGS include:

X-back Air Crew Vest

X-BackThe X-Back Air Crew Vest is a newly configured, lightweight crew vest that is a quantum leap in comfort and durability over previous models. The aptly named X-Back has a unique, proprietary cross back strap configuration, with breathable mesh Molle style vest that is ergonomically fitted to one’s shoulder contours for an amazing fit.


Aviator Life Vest

AviatorThin. Light. Simple. The new Switlik Aviator Life Vest is supremely more comfortable to wear, and specifically designed for the seated position in your aircraft. It's the vest you'll forget you're wearing. The new interior cell folding technique combined with our open V-Neck design allows the Aviator to lay over your shoulders relieving the pressure on your neck during those long flights.

You-Zip-It Dry Suit

You-ZipEach suit is custom tailored to fit you perfectly. This includes measurements of chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length, and neck size. Following our simple measuring instructions we are able to reproduce a fully customized suit. In addition each suit comes with installed CWU-75P stretch PTFE breathable laminate socks that keep your feet dry and are easy to slip into any footwear.

ISPLR 1 Person Life raft

ISPLRThe unique U-shaped design allows the raft to be fully reversible, allowing quick, easy entry from the water - whichever side is up when it automatically inflates. The ISPLR's low slung floor design allows seating at a slight recline lowering the center of gravity well below the waterline, increasing stability in rough waters. Twin zippers, located on either side, allow you to partially close the canopy, keeping the elements out while providing great ventilation.


Passenger Life Vests


AV-100HThe AV-100H is designed and manufactured to the FAA TSO C13f and UK CAA Specification No. 5 making it available for use by UK airlines. The AV-100H donning style features a single waist strap with a single adjusting buckle.



The Switlik AV-200 is the latest advancement is airline life vests. Offering airlines a lightweight, compact and inexpensive vest while meeting all the safety features required by the FAA. The AV-200 donning style features a single waist strap with a single adjusting buckle.



AV-35AThe AV-35A donning style features a back panel, double waist straps, and adjusting buckles with snap hooks for attaching to the "D" ring in the front.


AV-35BThe AV-35B donning style features a back panel with double waist straps and permanently attached adjusting buckles.



AV-35DThe AV-35D donning style features a back panel, double waist straps and adjusting buckles with snap hooks on the center piece and D rings located at the end of each strap.



AV-35HThe AV-35H donning style features a single waist strap and adjusting buckle without a back panel.



AV-35JThe AV-35J donning style offers a back panel, double waist straps, with dual adjusting buckles.


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