Engine Lease

AGS, through engine leasing, can provide Enginesreplacement or spare engine solutions when you need them. Whether you are looking for GE, CFM International, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney or IAE engines, we have the expertise, resources and global network of providers to ensure that we locate and successfully obtain, under favorable terms, the spare engine you are looking for.

AGS can provide a wide variety of operational and financial services for leasing such as:

  • Short-term rentals
  • On-demand engine availability
  • Power-plant exchanges
  • Sale/leasebacks
  • Long-term finance programs

Working through a broker like AGS assures you the maximum flexibility to:

  • Negotiate customized lease terms
  • Increase or decrease existing engines or add new engine types
  • Minimize cash outlays
  • Bridge unforeseen situations
  • Obtain spares on demand

Engine Exchange

AGS also offers an engine exchange program. When a client is in immediate need of an engine it usually means they are facing the possibility of an expensive MRO shop visit. AGS’ engine exchange program may offer a good solution. AGS will arrange to exchange a serviceable engine for your unserviceable unit. We’ll offer you a price that reflects the fair market value of your old engine which we’ll credit towards the sales price of our exchange unit. This is a win-win for you – you will have a serviceable engine and you will have minimized your cash outlay to obtain it.

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